Big Red Plastic Hats: Discussing The Last Jedi!!!! **SPOILERS**

**SPOILER ALERT** Charity and Danielle discuss, dissect, and drool over Star Wars: The Last Jedi!! This is a FULL review and breakdown of the film, so SPOILERS abound!!! Buckle in, nerds! He’s just some C-List Guillermo. Rhianna thicc and I love it. It caused a butthurt reaction… How did everyone handle Empire when it first came out? We’re not like your mom’s Star Wars, we’re the cool Star Wars! Why is he the tumblr version of himself? Be the queen of space with him!!!! She goes down the god damn hole! Force haunt him. Someone has to care about the Gungans!!!

Episode 285: Everybody knows Dick!!

He should just be fired from everything. It’s a mind f&$*! I’m still on strike. I was about to google it, but I couldn’t remember his name.
Give it money, as long as it good. That’s the name you give someone when you’re on the run! And we still say, “I can’t believe people are still watching that!” Don’t call Jesus a donkey. But then I said Thor and my brain went to four! Stop bringing up Steve Trevor. Please don’t do that anymore. It’s boner worthy! Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!

Episode 284: Someone get this Galactic Man a Beanie!!!

Buckle in guys, because it gets worse… We just bummed everybody out. I thought you said “BatMom!” I’m going to go purple because it matches my eyes. I’m gonna eat her donut, I think that’s a fair way of handling that. This is going to be a weird breakup guys! You know, with that ugly kid. Is Julia Roberts the poor mans Cher? That’s a long short! Ships! With guns! I think we’ve discussed that X-Men have stupid names.

Episode 283: It Makes you Feel like you Have Friends!!!

Glop…? They don’t make very good sandwiches though. I don’t know, have you tried Pie Sandwiches? Too lazy to look it up. I wanted to be extra af! That’s what a gamut is right, like a marathon? Joe Man-Jello? Deadth-Stroke. There goes his superpower… But they made 1 so now they have to make 12!! Nothing is more romantic than Kick-Ass. GET A DOG!

Thanksgiving Break: GLOW Panel SLCC 2017!!!!

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday week! Just in time to get you over the river and through the woods, here it is, the famous GLOW panel from this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con! You saw our wrestling intros, now hear why we love this show so much. Enjoy, and we’ll see you next week!

Episode 282: Internet, you finicky bitch

But a wok is a lot of maintenance. I don’t know, they haven’t asked for money… Rude asses. I fucking love brunch. I paid 6 fucking dollars for bacon. I wasn’t hungry before but…   HE’S SANTA! Nobody is going to be mad if you post pictures of cute dogs on the internet. I mean, if they’re into that… I’m not going to kink shame them.  Your first idea was great, but we want to see their abs.  It was just 2 hours of me trying to not get my seat wet.  Vegan Jerky, don’t knock it till you try it. Refresh to there. I muted it, but it muted you as well.  See if I could catch you with your mistress, and apparently I have.  You have to catch Jesus

Episode 281: Whose Dweeby Kids Are These??

Disgusting snacks made me want to yell at women on the internet. Still drinking the soda. Social Anxiety party hacks: 99% Success Rate! “SHAZAM!” Nah, you can keep that… Any questions? I have lots! People like stuff. But what’s the cafe guys name!?
I’m sorry your dad doesn’t love you… It’s not odd at all! It’s because he needed the money! Fairly spoiler-free review of Stranger Things season 2!

Episode 280: Something Else Must Be Bumming You Out…

Everyone loves donuts! Is Mercury in retrograde? BRB, we’ll be in Canada. Laundromat Riots? Hello, Weather! Marvel thingies. Goldbloom, the only thing that matters. Freddy’s too old, bitch! Creepy Grumpy Old Men. “You old poop” His name is Harry Hole. Gerard Butler shirt test? Other things besides Garfield. The science of scaring babies.

Episode 279: Keep It Fresh!!!

Cats of instagram and big cat brothers. PSA for showers and toothbrushes. Nobody cares Alexa! Fetishized is hard. We always need coffee. Oh, Shrek 2… That’s better. Gambits gable, I’ll believe it when I see it. Surprise! Happy Death Day!! Atlanta-claus! The deathbed binge. Rebecca Frost: Official Porn Reviewer for BSR. How does time travel work!?! Superman will never be a nazi. GIANT ASS BONES!!! Yes and, ass aliens.