Break Week 1: Episode 228 PLUS What’s Coming Next?

As you know, we are taking a month long break to help ourselves get settled after some MAJOR life changes! During the break, we’ll still have some fun stuff in store for you, and I can tell you about a little of it now! Today is a rebroadcast of a previous episode, Episode 228 Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Rails! Where we sat down for the first time on the show with Watchtower cafe owners Cori and Tui. Next week, you’ll get even more Tui, Cori AND watchtower! Cori, Kristal and I will sit down with Tui and James Estrada from the Geek Parenting Podcast to talk the Game of Thrones! Kristal and James both binged the entire series over the last several weeks, so we’ll have a deep discussion with reactions, predictions, and I’m sure a lot of profanity. The following week, as we start getting ramped up for Salt Lake Comic Con, we’ll have a mini episode and talk a little about self care. We’ll have some information about the importance of self care, what it means, and what we can do to keep ourselves healthy day to day in these stressful times.

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