Hello, Sweetie! Horror Movie Club

greetings guys and ghouls,

the month of Halloween is here and we’ve decided to watch some horror movies together and live-tweet the shenanigans. Starting October 5th we’ll be watching one horror flick a week, each one hand selected by one of our panelists.

ginger-snaps deathgasm hush tucker-and-dale

all of these films are available to stream on either hulu or netflix, depending on the movie.

We’re going to start the live-tweet at 7pm mountain time. So head over to our personal twitter accounts then!

Danielle: @damnielle_
Kristal: @hello_kristal
Rebecca: @josswheelin
Charity: @hellocherri


WIN Suicide Squad Advanced Screening Tickets!

Win advanced screening tickets to Suicide Squad!

Movie opens August 5th but you can see it Monday August 1st!  Just submit a photo of you and your “squad” (two or more people) dressed up as DC characters.  Submit your photo via email (hellosweetiepodcast@gmail.com) or on our Facebook page or Tweet it to @hellosweetiepod!  #SuicideSquad!  And you could win tickets and some Suicide Squad swag!

Submissions need to be to us by Thursday (7/28/2016) at midnight.  We will select and announce the winner Friday (7/29/2016)!



Danielle Reviews Things: TMNT – Out of the Shadows

As a pretty big fan of the original teenage mutant ninja turtles, I was super skeptical of the first installment of Michael Bay’s take on the franchise. When I saw the trailers for Outlook of the Shadows a sense of nostalgia contained in them piqued my interest. I went in nervous, worried if they had changed any of the turtles’ original personalities. They had not. Everything was as it should be. Mikey was hilarious, sweet, and a goofball. Donatello was brilliant and inventive. Raph was still moody and a bit of a brute. And Leonardo was the leader, believing in the greater good and still a total boyscout. It’s a fun movie the whole family will enjoy, with plenty of action, humor, and heart. It’s far from a perfect remake, but it was still tons of fun. 3.5/5

Review: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

It’s finally here! The full-length Lonely Island sketch. It’s jam-packed with an incredible cast, lots of great jokes, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The timing in the film is perfect and doesn’t go on longer than it needs to (major props to the editor). 4/5

Are You Ready For Civil War?

I got into an argument the other day (surprise surprise) about the upcoming Civil War movie. My friend asked why I was #TeamCap but I realized I needed to ask this question first: “Wait, are we talking comics or movies?” I feel confident in saying the movie is going to stray quite far from the existing comics…so if you maybe haven’t read the Civil War comics arc, check out this video that breaks it down! -Rebecca

Marvel’s Civil War Animated in 4 Minutes | Bite-Size Comics

Uploaded by Noah Sterling on 2016-03-15.

Hoverboards Finally A Reality??

Flyboard® Air Test 1

Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of mankind and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air.

Okay guys… I will fully admit that when I first saw this video, I thought it was Photoshopped. Even now, I’m not quite sure my brain totally believes my eyes. But here you have it, the very first working hoverboard. Meet the Flyboard Air, created by Zapata Racing. The man in the video is team leader Franky Zapata, and as you can see here, he has a knack for defying gravity. You may remember in 2011 when his “dolphin jetpack” video showcasing the original Flyboard took YouTube by storm and gave outdoor enthusiasts another thing to add to their bucket lists. Apparently, this guy really loves to push the envelope! And push it he does… the Flyboard Air can soar to heights of 10,000 feet, and has a top speed of 93 mph. Zapata states that it can operate autonomously for up to 10 minutes, and although no specifics are given as to how exactly it operates, sources speculate that the board achieves this through use of a turbine engine perhaps fed by a backpack full of fuel. So given the opportunity to make your wildest, superhero-y-ist dreams come true, would you give it a try??


<3 Charity

via Nerdist.com

Danielle Reviews Things!: Toronto

As discussed on episode 208 (and mentioned on 206 and 207 as well), I traveled to America’s Hat for the very first time over spring break. It was seriously a rad experience and I’m excited to go back. I got to see a lot of cool shit, I ate a lot of amazing food, drank wine in a radical old cemetery, and I even managed to awkwardly trick a super cute dude into being my boyfriend. I figured I’d use our blog as a place to post a lot of the rad pics I took, including a couple of the Captain Canuck stuff I ran across–he was not as hard to find as I thought. Please to enjoy.

I rate this place and trip an 11/10, would recommend. (**Side note, apologies for the pics that are sideways. I uploaded them properly and tried to edit them in the post and this is how they want to be.)

Snapchat-877577118203208665 Snapchat-1216931670969721790 Snapchat-1273922624003605320 Snapchat-6900829766259219594 Snapchat-1327772920401217892 Snapchat-2194770177446096613 Snapchat-2570860286622482773 Snapchat-2776791020649336536 Snapchat-3039750924096780527 Snapchat-4196641447633790974 Snapchat-5013982820178785094 Snapchat-5089165424004070467 Snapchat-5446849673656685856 Snapchat-6925063098532162758 Snapchat-7133234395213132686 Snapchat-7356520621510272560 Snapchat-7419684763248220088 Snapchat-7435377077416827124 Snapchat-7748548074377479374 Snapchat-8210228370815868790 Snapchat-8310260859545429636 Snapchat-8388546622730091681 Snapchat-8739670654728949308 Snapchat-8750542144434460301 Snapchat-9209999436394308735