Episode 41: New bra! What the box? Cherri is back! And a special interview!

Danielle has a new bra! The girls gab about the latest in geek culture. Cherri returns from Zombiefest with a special interview with Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker award winner! And all of teh movies!!!

Episode 39: Hello Sweetie! Podcast Epic Two Parter (Cherrie Gets Drunk and Obnoxious) Part 2!!!

The thrilling and horrifying conclusion of the first ever Epic Two Parter! Part two where Cherri gets lounder and drunker and the Grumble Mountain men throw in their two cents while the Sweeties grab the reins and get their geek on! FINISH HIM!!!!! It…whatever.

Episode 38: The Hello Sweetie Epic Two Parter Big (Cherrie gets) Drunk Crossover With Grumble Mountain!!!

Danielle and Joss keep the party on track as Cherri drinks a bottle of wine and chaos ensues as the men of Grumble Mountain Podcast bring the testosterone and the comedy to the studio! First ever epic two part episode! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE AWESOME!!! (Actually you totally can! Subscribe!)

Episode 35: Geek Show says “Hey!” to Hello, Sweetie! Live from Brewvies!!

The Sweetie girls sit down for our first live show at Brewvies, and are pleasantly surprised by a swoop in from Jeff, Jimmy, and Shannon of Geek Show Podcast! Special guest Jeff Futzer, Utah Producer of The Mediocre Show!!