Episode 47: It’s Kristal’s birthday!! Show your work!! Coconut is gross!! All the movie news!!

The Sweetie’s wish Kristal a happy birthday with cupcakes and wine! Springsteen is Tony Danza?! Movie drinking games!! Books that are movies! ALL THE MOVIE STUFF!!! Walking Dead spoilers from 1:45 to 2:00!

Episode 46: 2.0 Richard Uncle Pennybags! Rock-Ulese! SO much wang talk! And the box is back!!!

The whole panel is back in action!!! David Arquette runs around a junkyard in chains, the movie! Steps on Lego, the movie! And other stuff! THE MOVIE!!! Walking Dead spoilers from 1:18 to 1:31! Community is back! Does Travis Barker still fly? And lots of gratuitous genital discussion.

Episode 45: We’re gonna need a bigger podcast!

That one time Danielle got really drunk! We’re Geek Show famous? Make him British! Racist! Rude! Bond torture is hot! Weird Harry Potter spoiler at 1:09. (Just skip that minute.) Monster movie countdown! Giant squirrels! Cherri is a perv. And at the end…”Cherri and Rebecca in the poooooooodcast!”

Episode 43: Snoop English 101, Blackweather Thor Synopsis, Coats are Almost Drag and NBC is the Opposite of Batman!!!

Cherri, Danielle and Joss talk Community caveats, stupid lady doctors shows, Spaaaaccceee Craaaaaane, and the biggest colon of all!! Walking Dead spoilers at 22:50 until 30:01 and Dexter spoilers from 32:00 to 33:30!! Enjoy!

Episode 42: Plenty o boob talk! Crack a Window! Eat the bag! And other nice things about him!

Joss, Danielle and Cherri talk about boobs at length, real and fake. Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop a Loop a Doopy Doo) tells you why he’s gonna vote Democrat, Marvel news abounds, Danielle squees, surprising no one, sausage throwing assholes, and more!!

Episode 41: New bra! What the box? Cherri is back! And a special interview!

Danielle has a new bra! The girls gab about the latest in geek culture. Cherri returns from Zombiefest with a special interview with Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author and multiple Bram Stoker award winner! And all of teh movies!!!

Episode 39: Hello Sweetie! Podcast Epic Two Parter (Cherrie Gets Drunk and Obnoxious) Part 2!!!

The thrilling and horrifying conclusion of the first ever Epic Two Parter! Part two where Cherri gets lounder and drunker and the Grumble Mountain men throw in their two cents while the Sweeties grab the reins and get their geek on! FINISH HIM!!!!! It…whatever.

Episode 38: The Hello Sweetie Epic Two Parter Big (Cherrie gets) Drunk Crossover With Grumble Mountain!!!

Danielle and Joss keep the party on track as Cherri drinks a bottle of wine and chaos ensues as the men of Grumble Mountain Podcast bring the testosterone and the comedy to the studio! First ever epic two part episode! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE AWESOME!!! (Actually you totally can! Subscribe!)