HSP Network Presents: The Box!!!

Sorry for the delay everyone!!! We have been working hard on getting new shows ready for you and finishing up Hello, Sweetie Podcast with a great party! A little glitch kept this out of our feeds last week, so here it is now for your enjoyment!!! Charity talks a little bit about some of the news shows coming from the Network, and we give you a sample of the first ever episode of our new show The Box!! Yes, this is a spinoff of the segment from Hello, Sweetie that you all know and love, but with a twist! This time join Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity to chat about whatever we are watching on TV, the movies we pulled out of storage, what we are listening to on podcasts, our favorite current audiobook binges and whatever we are streaming online. Anything entertaining us, new and old, is up for discussion on this brand new iteration of The Box! Hope you enjoy!

Episode 292: Sometimes, jokes don’t have to be said!!!

This episode is just going to be us singing drag songs. She’s pointing at Rebecca B T Dubs!! Would you say Target, missed the target? Let’s talk about it innnn… Right now! Now we know the difference between our moms… They’re gonna let us have our own movie?? It’s the oldest if you don’t count those 3 movies I’m not counting. The REAL adult one. We decided that it’s not that. That sauce is fuckin’ gangbusters!! You’re still on the front of the battlefront?? She has sherry and a pool! “Which we all know” you jag-offs. Known to cause anxiety in mice and me. Who you’ll know if you’ve ever been goth. Was that Jesus all along? We shall sign off, thusly.

Jay Whittaker: Salt Lake City Sit-Down (http://bit.ly/2GLVb7e)

Episode 291: Lycans with Lightsabers!!!

I need to plan when I ugly cry. Lots of huff’s and oof’s… We got there eventually. Blackspacetation? Because he’s a whiney brat baby. Old Man Joker! That’s everyone’s first choice. As long as there is a naked mole-rat, I’m in. Should we get on to this other disapointing list? Things that are currently having a moment… 50 Shades of Bleh! Yeah, because I sat through that thing. I don’t care about their hot takes! 2008 was a good year! This is a fucking cat. The most milktoast of all DC properties? Just to warn you, this is cool. Frick’n Lazers! That’s “Tones” with an “E”. Because you know there’s Godzilla’s in there! Yeah, sounds like regular life. I need wine for this… tell me about Hameltoe.