HSPN Presents: Spoonful of Podcast Episode 2: ADHD and Mediterranean Twinkies

Hello Sweetie Podcast Network presents Spoonful of Podcast, a podcast about mental health and also about food! On episode 2, Rebecca and Charity talk about mania, ADHD coping tools, and SSRI discontinuation syndrome. We also sample tasty treats from Black Cherry Mediterranean Grocery. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app to hear Spoonful of Podcast every two weeks,and like Hello Sweetie Podcast Network on Facebook to keep up with all our shows!

HSP Network Presents: Episode 2 of The Box: Live at Club 50 w/Nighthawks Podcast

We have a special episode of The Box this week, recorded live backstage at Club 50 West. Special guests Matt and Trevor of the Nighthawks Podcast join us as we talk Solo, Hereditary, and what makes a good shark movie. Subscribe to HSPN The Box on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcasting app for more!

Episode 300: We Did It!!!!! (LIVE from Club 50 West)

We did it, fans and friends! 300 episodes! Listen along as we celebrate Hello, Sweetie! Podcast and officially launch the new Hello Sweetie Podcast Network! Join our host Nic Smith with comedians Mac Arthur, Aaron Orlovitz, Jason Harvey, and Natashia Mower as they kick off the night. Afterward, we spend some time talking about some Hello Sweetie VIPs, and then we present live “micro-episodes” of four brand new Hello Sweetie Podcast Network shows; Dungeons and Comedy, Funnybooks and Firewater, Nighthawks Podcast, and This is the Place. Stay subscribed and Like the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network Facebook page for more great content!

HSP Network Presents: Nighthawks Podcast!!!

Pull up a chair, order a cup o’ joe, ask about the pie of the day, and settle in! The Nighthawks Diner is open late, and the conversation is always compelling. Trevor and Matt give an in-depth and exciting take on film, old and new, giving context, history, and objectivity to the subjects they cover. On this episode, the duo celebrate their 3 year anniversary and delve into one of Hitchcock’s classics. So whether you’re curious about the backstory behind the shower scene in Psycho, or are excited to hear a breakdown of the latest box office hit, don’t miss the Nighthawks’ Podcast! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and Like their Facebook page for more!

HSP Network Presents: Cinema Queens Podcast!!

In honor of Pride month and the Hello Sweetie Podcast Network Launch, we’d like to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the Network, the Cinema Queens Podcast! Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and Like them on Facebook for more!!

Happy PRIDE month! Salt Lake City Pride was this weekend! So to celebrate, we are releasing our episode a bit early to kick off your weekend! As promised, we are taking the whole month to talk about the fantastic HBO miniseries, “Angels in America,” and are discussing the first episode, “Bad News.” It’s a bit more serious this time around, but we promise to throw in some fun stuff as we talk about what “Angels” shows us what life would be like in the middle of the AIDS crisis. Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CinemaQueens!

HSP Network Presents: The Box!!!

Sorry for the delay everyone!!! We have been working hard on getting new shows ready for you and finishing up Hello, Sweetie Podcast with a great party! A little glitch kept this out of our feeds last week, so here it is now for your enjoyment!!! Charity talks a little bit about some of the news shows coming from the Network, and we give you a sample of the first ever episode of our new show The Box!! Yes, this is a spinoff of the segment from Hello, Sweetie that you all know and love, but with a twist! This time join Rebecca, Kristal, and Charity to chat about whatever we are watching on TV, the movies we pulled out of storage, what we are listening to on podcasts, our favorite current audiobook binges and whatever we are streaming online. Anything entertaining us, new and old, is up for discussion on this brand new iteration of The Box! Hope you enjoy!