Danielle Reviews Things!: Toronto

As discussed on episode 208 (and mentioned on 206 and 207 as well), I traveled to America’s Hat for the very first time over spring break. It was seriously a rad experience and I’m excited to go back. I got to see a lot of cool shit, I ate a lot of amazing food, drank wine in a radical old cemetery, and I even managed to awkwardly trick a super cute dude into being my boyfriend. I figured I’d use our blog as a place to post a lot of the rad pics I took, including a couple of the Captain Canuck stuff I ran across–he was not as hard to find as I thought. Please to enjoy.

I rate this place and trip an 11/10, would recommend. (**Side note, apologies for the pics that are sideways. I uploaded them properly and tried to edit them in the post and this is how they want to be.)

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