Episode 118: You Turn Down Marvel, You Get Aquaman!! With Special Guest JC Carter

Special guest JC Carter of Hold 322!! Boobs: The not so secret power. Now on that bombshell… No console in the kennel!! Egg Man and walrus video game movie? Coo-coo-ca choo!! Were his meds up or down? If you haven’t seen Red Stateā€¦. Maybe don’t. It’s a good movie, just don’t listen to the talking. I don’t know, I haven’t lived this day yet! It’s not the sciencey, realistic school bus!!! How to chain your dragons. Thingception!! Stop trying to make Star Trek Wars!! What do women say? #womenaretoohardtoanimate The work stops the minute the first boob is rendered. Spider Man has to pay his rent! Juice and meat rocks!!

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