Episode 119: Everything’s Coming Up Robots

Interview with Lisa Hammer, Triana Venture of Venture Bros!! Where’s all your whoorres? PSA: Just don’t. Hand gestures are Danielle’s way of protesting. He’s knifey, to emphasize his shreddiness. Who had the case of the stink eye? Spritz some hydrochloric acid on it. Entitled bitches. Peter Sarsgaard SARS guard. Ginger is a raceā€¦ Do NOT ginger face. Just don’t. If you turn it upside down.. it’s a robot! It’s a transformah! There’s like five words in the song! Rage against the humanity! Is it a robot Too much artsy. Agent Mulder the sex addict. Let’s just leave it. It’s better that way. P Dinks. “That Wizard Comes From The Mooooon!”

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