Episode 120: I Can’t Really Call the Episode THAT…

I must acquiesce to your… whatever. More harrowing stories of childhood. Camping, ¬†sipping blue wine coolers and shooting guns. Bending bullets or bbs. Nacho problem! #NanaFrost hates fun. I’m gonna do all the movies now. It’s more for the texture than the taste. Canada is part of the world. But, who could get mad at Canada? She didn’t have to suck anyone’s dick, she just had to come out of someone’s vagina. Son’s Of Anarchy finale: “Goodbye, I’m off to fight kaijus!” We even put Mark Wahlberg in the movie and you STILL went to see it!! Liam Neeson is Optimus Prime, or any metaphorical Jesus. He’s one of those hookah douches. You take the balls, you take the tits, you take it all and then you get, the facts of life. Video games are a sport?¬†Superman doesn’t even like Superman.

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