Episode 125: Spoiler Free Review, Its Good! with Special Guest, Justine!!!

Coyotes “hootie hoo”through Jellystone. You had me at booze and large turkey leg! I shint you not! Soup boobs? Sony wanted to snag something at the buffet. Ghostbusters cast: cross dressing Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo. Melissa Mccarthy has Tony Shalhoub range. Share with us what funny ladies you would want to see in Ghostbusters! You should carry a microphone in your purseā€¦ just in case, and a microwave. Spoiler free review: It’s good! Movie, why you gotta be so cray? Seth Green is up in the buffet too. We have pie. He thinks he can be other things.. but, he can’t. Is being half squirrel a power ?

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