Episode 129: Let’s Get Heavy… Special Labor Day Pre-Comic Con Episode featuring Dan Farr

Special Labor Day Pre-Con celebration recording (NOT episode 130, like we accidentally say), featuring our interview with Dan Farr, founder of Salt Lake Comic Con!! You gotta believe in Thursday Rebecca! Let’s take a 50 year smoke break. All the Fantastic Four fans? The joke awards show!! Rebecca is a joke stealer!! Jimmy Olsen needs to get laid. We just want Helen Mirren to find love. Isn’t regular Jesus “Super Jesus?” ┬áDan Farr answers our questions about Salt Lake Comic Con and answers his critics regarding the guest controversy surrounding this year’s Con. We get pretty serious and heavy. No, *really* serious. Feminist talk… The extremists who hurt the cause… pizzas without mushrooms… fake frat boys… serious talk. Find us at Comic Con for prizes!! ALL THE HIGH FIVES AND STICKERS!

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