Episode 144: Annual Holiday Drunk Episode!!! Wassail!!

Drinking game rules/guidelines:

  1. Take a big nice drink whenever we say Wassail
  2. Drink every time one of us says “WHAT!?”
  3. Take a sip whenever we swear
  4. Drink whenever we make up a hashtag.
  5. Take a sip whenever we say “drink”, “drinking” or “drunk”
  6. Take half a sip whenever we say “Sony hack”
  7. Big drink every time we say Matthew or Michael Mcconaughey
  8. Drink every time we blow out your eardrums because of our volume (to soothe the pain.)
  9. Take a shot whenever we talk about a rake driving to town
  10. Every time we drag out a joke too long, take a sip.

Potatoes, bowling balls, feathers, and physics. It’s not really a big day for dog food… Who are we individually? We are podcast. “One of us. One of us.” What is a Star Wars? I have seen you whiskey…. IT’S BEEN THREE FUCKING YEARS AND WE’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT!

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