Episode 282: Internet, you finicky bitch

But a wok is a lot of maintenance. I don’t know, they haven’t asked for money… Rude asses. I fucking love brunch. I paid 6 fucking dollars for bacon. I wasn’t hungry before but…   HE’S SANTA! Nobody is going to be mad if you post pictures of cute dogs on the internet. I mean, if they’re into that… I’m not going to kink shame them.  Your first idea was great, but we want to see their abs.  It was just 2 hours of me trying to not get my seat wet.  Vegan Jerky, don’t knock it till you try it. Refresh to there. I muted it, but it muted you as well.  See if I could catch you with your mistress, and apparently I have.  You have to catch Jesus

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