Episode 286: Get That Wet Liquid!!!

Officially, officialy, officially done! One person is a class That town sounds quaint as fuck There was a wrapper involved, it’s done now Oh shit, you guys got that Win Co? We could do a movie, I guess Good O’l Walter Mark Whalburg is not playing a police officer? The book is better, that’s the reviews I’ve heard I am so mad at this movie That’s pretty pretentious of us… That’s america It’s “Taken” on a train! It looks terrible, but you should really watch it  “I have a bad feeling about this” We’re Wolves I watched it all! Charity stamp of approval I’m very freaked out that my porg is going to start saying “Monkey needs a hug” Eat some tacos Not many a year, probably many a month Nice reaction Kristal Romance Bingo It doesn’t want you to speak Let’s just see if we can watch something live for once
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