Hoverboards Finally A Reality??

Flyboard® Air Test 1

Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of mankind and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air.

Okay guys… I will fully admit that when I first saw this video, I thought it was Photoshopped. Even now, I’m not quite sure my brain totally believes my eyes. But here you have it, the very first working hoverboard. Meet the Flyboard Air, created by Zapata Racing. The man in the video is team leader Franky Zapata, and as you can see here, he has a knack for defying gravity. You may remember in 2011 when his “dolphin jetpack” video showcasing the original Flyboard took YouTube by storm and gave outdoor enthusiasts another thing to add to their bucket lists. Apparently, this guy really loves to push the envelope! And push it he does… the Flyboard Air can soar to heights of 10,000 feet, and has a top speed of 93 mph. Zapata states that it can operate autonomously for up to 10 minutes, and although no specifics are given as to how exactly it operates, sources speculate that the board achieves this through use of a turbine engine perhaps fed by a backpack full of fuel. So given the opportunity to make your wildest, superhero-y-ist dreams come true, would you give it a try??


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