REVIEW: Hot Tub Time Machine 2? More like Hot Tub Time Machine… Ewww.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was disappointingly lacking in content, therefore this review will have to be the same. Really, there’s not much to say. There were certainly funny moments, and I absolutely laughed a few times, but the film seems to do little more than rehash the best jokes from the first movie ad nauseum, with very little storyline to string them together. Rob Corddry weirdly gives the most genuine moments, with Adam Scott (coming in as an attempt to replace John Cusack’s character) coming off as charming and sincere, but seeming sadly misused. My only wish for this sequel was for it to recapture the wacky adventurousness of the first movie, and it fell disappointingly short. I give Hot Tub Time Machine 2 1.5 Sonic Screwdrivers if you have to watch it sober, an extra star if you can manage to watch it high. (Disclaimer, only consume cannabis in states where it is legal… ya stoners.) – Cherri

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