HSPN Presents: The Box – Episode 7: Giving Me Real OC Vibes

The ladies talk Charity’s Casablanca first watch, Unsolved Mysteries, Cloak & Dagger, hot old timey actors, little Tiny Shoulders, Ghost Brothers, and more information on that podcast nobody knows about.

HSPN Presents: The Box – Episode 6: Camping, Drinking, and Saying Things

Enjoy the latest episode of Hello Sweetie Podcast Original, The Box! Charity, Rebecca, and Kristal talk camping chaos, Silence of the Lambs first watches, Rampage, Game Night, and the ER Report! Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts, and like Hello Sweetie Podcast Network on Facebook for more!

HSPN Presents: Spoonful of Podcast Episode 3: Lemon Pancakes and To-Do Lists

On episode 3, Rebecca and Charity talk about to-do lists, insurance frustrations, and coping skills. We also enjoy lemon pancakes from Lazy Day Cafe!