The 200 Episodes Journey. By: Kristal Starr

Wow! 200 episodes! If we do the math (ugh I hate math! Thank gawd for google and calculators they figured this out for me) that’s three years ten months, over 22,000 minutes (that math is just an estimated figure) of podcasts!

I remember the “birth” of this podcast. Charity had posted on her Facebook page that she wanted to do an all female “geek” podcast, she was putting out a call for anyone who was interested, I did not respond or make any comment. I remember thinking what a cool idea and hoping that she would be successful at it. I honestly did not think I was knowledgeable enough to be on a “geek” podcast. And then Charity reached out to me personally and asked if I would be interested! I can remember my hesitation, “Why would you want me?” “What could I possibly have to offer”. I did not read comic books, I felt like I knew very little about geek culture. But, I had a passion and desire to be on a podcast, so with some encouragement from Charity I accepted the offer.

I honestly had no idea how life changing this would be. We started out recording with no format and our episodes were LONG! They didn’t feel long to us because we were having so much fun. I did not think about our potential impact. I did not think about how unique the podcast was. It did not occur to me that people would listen (even though that was our goal, to get people to listen). Not only did people listen, they really liked the podcast and to my surprise we were a hit. I mean it wasn’t that big of a surprise, I loved listening to us and I thought we were hilarious. What surprised me is that other people thought that too.

We were invited to be in the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL TV reached out to us and asked us to be a feature on one of their programs (which we all were surprised by. They probably had never heard an episode, because honestly with all our swears, no one would have put us on KSL!). The panel director from Salt Lake Comic Con reached out to us and asked if we would be interested helping at their first Fan X Convention. We were ecstatic. I could not believe how well we were being received. There was a want and need for a podcast like ours.

It soon dawned on me, this was SO much more than just us getting our voices out there. We were filling a need in the community. Our “baby” was growing up fast.

Just like raising a child, it takes a village to nurture and guide growth. And our village is AMAZING! The geek community, our listeners and friends have been amazing with giving feedback and encouragement. I can’t tell you how many days I have been full of doubt and a listener or friend of the podcast has reached out and changed my day.

I can’t believe how much each of us has grown with the podcast. With making new friends, learning to find our individual voices and knowing what we say and do can have an impact.
I created a little “highlight” video for over the years. It’s only five minutes long and only scrapes the surface of all the friends, memories and adventures we have had over the years. I wish I could have included everyone and everything.
Words and videos can not express my gratitude I have for the podcast and the community associated with it.

Just please know if you listen and enjoyed what we are producing you have a piece of my heart. I love this podcast and the fullness it has brought to my life.
I can’t imagine being the person I am today without it. I don’t know where I would be if Charity had not reached out to me and said, “come be a part of this”. And that’s all I want to say to you all, please, “come be a part of this”. We welcome you all. You all have a home with us at Hello, Sweetie! Podcast.
CHEERS! And here is to 200+ more episodes!
Kristal Starr

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast 200 episodes!

Hello, Sweetie! Podcast recently celebrated their 200th episode. This quick video highlights some of their memories and how far this podcast has come.

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